Saturday, July 5, 2008

This blog was made last October by my sweet daughter, jami I am at her home right now and so she even had to set it so i would blog on it. We just got a new granddaughter,Sadi Morgan Hardy. She is so beautiful. of scourse they all are.
I am so grateful for all my grandkids,(and my kids too of course). They are all very good people.

This year all my married children are having babies. In March, I went to Nebraska,Lincoln, and on March 17th Rylan Stonewall Hollist was born. He is such a good baby and a real blessing to that family as well as our family. He was born on St Patrick's day and what a sweet coincidence since Cody's mom's maiden name is McGuire and her dad was Stonewall McGuire so to as much as I know about Irish that fits right in. We're very proud of this family. THe other kids LOVE this boy it is soooo fun.

And now we have Sadi--she is only 10 days old and sooooo pleasant. i think she has to be to put up with all the love that is showered on him. they really show love and they are younger than the hollist's so she has to be tough and she is gorgeous to go with it

Then in October, little Ellianna Hoopes will be born to Buzz and Carime. Carime is so long that little Elli can stretch out and not even make her mom look pregnant. She is a pilates/yoga teacher and she is doing great. We can't wait for this baby

Then in Nov/Dec BJ and Summer are having their 4th child. Summer has been so sick. I haven't ever seen her this bad. But finally about a couple of weeks ago
it seems to have died down a little and she (oops that just came out) or he has settled down a bit so she can finally get her head out of the toilet. The boys have been very patient and it has been hard

Barrett is well and loving his placeto live and he gets sweeter and sweeter. I just love that boy

Brandt seem to be doing better too. He had back surgery in April and i wasn't sure it helped him at all until recently He's getting off the pain med and i think he is doing a little better. What a long haul that boy has had. He has a spine stenosis in his lower spine and it has been tough. Very strong kid. I(I guess he's not a kidbut he is my baby and i love him

Barry is looking so much better too. If you saw him you would not recognize him because he has been on so many steroids, but he does look better and acts better too

It is so fun to be in California. Especially since jami has her own pool in the backyard. We are getting a little rest and trying to help as well. I want to go see where jack is workingand watch him work. Anyway we are going to have a great summer. We're reunioning in July and have Elli's baby shower then too.
All in all life is great...

Monday, October 1, 2007

This is a first!

So this is the beginning of our online journal. Hopefully, everyone in my family will follow suit! Happy Blogging!